2012 Spring Scrimmage.

Under the new lights at Washington Grizzly Stadium.

University of Montana - Missoula.

This is how I spent my Saturday night.  Yes, I’m a dork.  Quite a few people showed up. They announced the attendance to be somewhere around 8,000. (To put that in perspective of a real game, Washington Grizzly holds around 26,000 people. And most home games average 25,000. XD)

It was interesting to see this year’s team after everything that has happened over the past several months. It’s only spring, I know. But after the university was scrambling to get a new interim head coach, I’m having flashbacks to the 2010 season.

(Yes, dear followers, I am an avid college football fan. Get over it.)

I am most intrigued by one of the new kickers. He’s a leftie. It’s so crazy. But also kind of awesome.

Anyway, it was fun!


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